Jeremy Pelletier


My brother and I were raised by our mother in a single wide, metal siding trailer house, set out in the middle of a field that was owned by my late grandfather. Because he was a stockcar racer, our trailer was surrounded by old, beat up cars and other miscellaneous junk. My best friend and nearest neighbor, Jimbob, lived about three hundred yards away. There was nothing between our houses except for the cars and alfalfa fields, so my brother and I had no problems hearing our mother when she started yelling "Dominic...Jeremy... GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE!"

Most of the people who lived around us had considerably more money than we did. My brother actually got sent home from school once because he didn't have shoes. I didn't really think about it till around sixth grade or roughly about the same time I became interested in girls. The lack of money, coupled with the fact that our father thought he was the brother of Jesus Christ (literally) meant that my brother and I were doomed to the life of derelicts. Needless to say, I turned out socially inept. That'll do wonders for creativity though!

Instead of making friends, I turned inward and found deep satisfaction in pushing myself to create. I drew, carved, melted and molded. I began to see the world and everything in it as components that could be shaped into whatever my heart desired.

I left Otis Orchards, Washington in 1994, to follow the calling of art school in Seattle, Washington. I spent two and a half years studying illustration and graphic design, and then decided to become a sculptor.

I spent the next 10 years designing characters for video games, working with paper, computer and clay. Also, during those years, most of my free time was spent on sculpture. Recently, with the support of my beautiful wife and family, I am creating art full time.